The Greek Society for the Study of Crime and Social Control (EEMEKE) is a scientific society and it was founded in March 2015 

The aim of the EEMEKE is the advancement of education, learning, teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge and theory in the field of Criminological Sciences, particularly in the fields of Criminology, Penology, Victimology, Police science and Criminological Psychology, and in the related fields of Crime Policy, especially Youth Justice, Penitentiary Law, Police law, and other specific fields of Criminal and Public Law.

EEMEKE particularly promotes those contemporary theoretical and research approaches in the above fields, which are related to the entire range of social sciences and the political economy of crime and punishment. 

More specifically EEMEKE aims at:

  • The development and dissemination of criminological sciences as social sciences, particularly in the epistemological direction of critical criminology, social and restorative justice, and the advancement of the cause of human rights.
  • The study of and research on the theory of criminological sciences and the issues related to crime and crime policy in Greece and internationally.
  • The formulation and development of theoretical models and policy proposals to address the issue of crime and the role of criminal justice agencies.
  • The development of interdisciplinary research, of collaborations with scientific institutions in the same or other disciplines; with educational research institutions in the public or private sector, and; with international, European and national authorities
  • The development of links with local communities, social movements, NGOs and other public or private organisations that have similar aims or develop policies related to the Society’s fields of interest.
  • The development of policy proposals and standards, as well as learning and teaching methods for students and professionals on issues related to the Criminological Sciences. 
  • The development of interventions aiming to raise awareness among the general public and to reform of public policies.

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